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Some useful advice for Sellers at a car boot sale:

  • Always be polite. A smile, a please and a thank-you may result in a quick and easy sale.
  • Arrive early. Give yourself sufficient time to set out your stall before the flocks arrive.
  • Take any spare carrier bags you may have lying around at home. These can then be offered to buyers who may already have their hands full!
  • Have plenty of change handy.
  • Expect buyers to haggle so always conduct your business in a polite manner. It’s all part of the fun.
  • Mark up faulty items as such so that potential buyers know what they are purchasing.
  • Consider offering a discount for bulk purchases from the same buyer.
  • Ensure your items are in a suitable condition for selling. Clean/polished goods will always be easier to sell.
  • Don’t be concerned about taking unsold items home at the end of the day. They may fly off your stall at the next car boot sale.
  • Be reasonable when pricing up your items. Consider reducing some prices as the day moves on if you need to complete a sale that day.